Performance Excellence

Looking to improve your organization?  You're at the right place.  Our mission is to help organizations achieve performance excellence.  We are the premier coaching and consulting firm offering the Six Disciplines Program throughout the United States.  Our services enable organizations to improve performance in three key ways:

  1. Software - tools that connect plans to actions for transparency and accountability throughout the organization.
  2. Planning - facilitating strategic and annual planning using the Six Disciplines methodology brings a new level of alignment, communication and empowerment to the organization.
  3. Coaching - often times it's not a matter of knowing what to do, it's doing it.  Our coaching services bring the same level of commitment that fitness coaches bring to improving personal health.

We also offer services that combine these into specific solutions for our clients. Check out the Our Services page of our site to learn more about all the services we offer.

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Showcasing Our Services

Our three most popular services are:

  • Productivity Software - using the Six Disciplines Outlook Edition software to implement your existing plans.
  • Annual Planning - we use the Six Disciplines methodology and our coaching services to help you build the best plan for your organization.
  • Total Performance Excellence Program - for organizations focused on organization-wide performance.  We combine the business building methodology, strategic and operational planning, software to connect employee's activities with plans and coaching for overall accountability to realize your goals. 

Better Plans.  Better Execution.  Better Results.

Get your organization in better shape and reap the benefits of what a high performing organization can provide you.  Our coaches facilitate strategic/annual planning to build a better plan, we implement the plan using the Six Disciplines software for predictable plan execution and we provide leaders with the tools needed to improve their personal performance and grow in their leadership abilities.

Strategy without tactics is the longest road to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.  Sun-Tzu

Is your organization on track to meet its goals for the year?  As business leaders we all want peak performance, but few achieve it.  Why?

Barriers to Peak Performance

We often see three barriers stopping organizations from reaching their true potential:

  1. Lack of alignment on vision and strategy.
  2. Candid communication is not part of the culture.
  3. Accountability is missing from the organization.

What does a peak-performance business look like?

Organizations are complex "beings" so it's hard to see what the performance of an organization looks like; but here are characteristics you should be seeing:

  • Ability to attract and retain the best talent.
  • Financial performance in the upper 25%.
  • Brand recognition as being the best at what they do.
  • Consistent growth that outpaces their industry and surpasses the overall economy.

What's missing in your business?

In all the organizations we coach and consult, the fundamental missing piece is a business management system.  There are systems for finance, HR, marketing, sales and production; but when it comes to the most critical process of all, the process of forming and executing strategy, it's usually still done manually.  This lack of a performance excellence system means the process of planning is usually inconsistent and the implementation of plans to get desire results is typically poor.

The best performing companies know this secret and have exploited it to their advantage.  Let's speak on how we can address your near-term challenges and your long-term vision through our performance excellence services based on Six Disciplines. null null null
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