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Six Steps To Peak Performance

Friday, April 29, 2011
Athletes must achieve peak performance, and maintain it, to succeed.  The same is true in business.  Compare your organization to an athlete, who would you compare to? 

  • Peyton Manning - good athlete, great student of the game, excellent work ethic 
  • Michael Jordan - excellent athlete, good student of the game, great work ethic
  • Albert Pujos - very good athlete, great student of the game, excellent work ethic
  • Weekend Warrior - average athlete, fair student of the "game", good work ethic
Most businesses fall into the weekend warrior group.  Performance average with moments of excellence.  The problem is the inability to sustain those moments.  If you want a top performance organization, you need top performing teams.  The way to accomplish this is simple:

1. Clear vision, mission and strategy to motivate.
2. Plans that detail the steps needed to achieve the vision and desired results.
3. Alignment throughout the organization which creates a oneness.
4. Measuring results through accountable execution.
5. Channeling the innovative talents of every employee to the purpose of the organization.
6. Celebrating wins and learning from setbacks.

The rewards are fantastic...financially and emotionally to achieve and sustain peak performance.

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