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We are a national network of consultants and coaches helping organizations improve their performance and results through better leadership, strategy and execution. The Strategy Execution Alliance was created to be the foundation for our national network. The common thread that connects alliance members is the understanding it takes both vision & strategy (i.e. having a plan) with execution (i.e. getting things done) to be successful.

If you're a consultant and want to learn more, download and review the overview presentation below.  It will answer your immediate questions and allow you to quickly determine if becoming an alliance member is right for your consulting practice.


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Alliance Members


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Baldrige Success Strategies - Jackson, TN

Baldrige Success Strategies, LLC is a firm serving a niche market of organizations that are passionate about business excellence.  These organizations are not satisfied with good performance but are driven to understand their business and use the resources at their disposal to become great.  They understand the value of planning and establishing effective measures to ensure achievement.  They communicate effectively with current and future customers, partners, suppliers, employees and themselves.  Based on knowledge acquired, they develop and modify processes that support value added work and they perform analysis to acquire even greater insight that would increase operational efficiency and effectiveness and create loyalty and engagement leading to success.  This defines the Baldrige Framework, a management by fact way of operating business.  Baldrige Success Strategies, LLC is a resource to organizations committed to the performance improvement journey. 

For more information contact Sam Turner, President, (731) 427-3568.

General Systems Consulting Group - Ann Arbor, MI

General Systems Consulting Group & The LEAD Institute provide consulting and training in Strategy Execution using the Six Disciplines methodology, Leadership Development, High Performance Cultures & Systems and Organizational Development. We collaborate with clients to assist them in leading and managing change and help them build into a more productive and better place in which to work.

We offer workshops that enhance personal & leadership effectiveness, improve performance, build positive & supportive work climates and enhance team leadership & membership effectiveness.

Our consulting services range from accelerating new leader transitions, executive/leadership coaching to leading & managing organizational culture change, enhancing leadership, team & organizational effectiveness and enhancing total team effectiveness & performance.

For more information contact Kelly Petrock, President, (734) 995-5222.

Symnoian, LLC - San Diego, CA

Symnoian LLC is founded on our passion and commitment to strategic management alignment and execution for small- and mid-sized organizations. With over 55 years of combined experience in implementing and deploying business solutions worldwide, Christine and Gail bring these skills and knowledge to small and mid-sized companies, partnering with them to develop effective plans for sustainable growth and profitability.  Certified Six Discipline©Business Coaches.


The Townbank Group - Villas, New Jersey

John Antman, Principal of the Townbank Group is an Accounting and Finance professional with senior management level experience in Accounting, Operations, Financial Systems Design and Implementation, Business Process Re-engineering, Expense Optimization and Project Management. John has extensive experience in the Professional Services, Distribution, e-Commerce, Retail and Entertainment industries.

For more information contact John Antman, Principal, (609) 846-7350.


Baldrige Success Strategies