Balanced Scorecard

So. you've engaged a Six Disciplines business coach for your Strategic Planning.  Or perhaps, you've already completed your strategic planning, and now want to focus on the Strategy Implementation or execution of that strategy. Now what?

The Six Disciplines Strategy Implementation package helps you to  flesh out detailed operating plans, including clear measures for key business processes required to sustain your business. In addition, our Six Disciplines business coach helps you define clear project plans for change initiatives required to move the organization toward its strategic priorities. These plans are then broken down into individual goals, and each team member enrolled in the program has a software balanced scorecard on their desktop for managing and reporting progress.

Six Disciplines research has proven that effective execution requires strong leadership of every person in your company - not just by your company's executive team. By personal leadership, we mean the ability to for everyone to understand where the organization is going, and how they fit into that direction. This also means the discipline and skill to focus on what is strategic in the flood of daily distractions.

The Six Disciplines Strategy Implementation service helps to ensure that your strategy will be executed according to plan, consistently and repeatedly.


  • One year operating plan
  • Change initiative plans
  • Key measures
  • Balanced scorecard
  • Individual plans
  • Teams on same page
  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly accountability
  • On-going coaching


  • 2 weeks of implementation
  • Coaching fees
  • Program enrollment

Put Your Plans Into Action

Let us help you connect plans to action.  Our balanced score card service creates strategic and operational score cards for the organization and each functional area of the company.  For the first time, you'll be able to see the organization's overall perforamnce and the perforamance of each team from a single spot.  As the saying goes, "what gets measured, gets managed."

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