Accountability Coaching

Rather than involving many people in the company in a transformational program, some leaders prefer to start by spending some private one-on-one time with an experienced business professional (a certified business coach) who brings an outside perspective to your current challenges.

Certified Six Disciplines business coaches offer 1:1 Executive Coaching services, and serve as an independent sounding board. During your interactions, you'll both explore your current situation and alternatives for moving your business - and your career as a leader -  forward.

All private discussions with our business coaches are handled with the highest standards of confidentiality and trust. Unlike other alternatives than involve a long-term commitment, our 1:1 private executive and leadership coaching sessions continue as long as you receive value from them.

Executives who engage with the Six Disciplines 1:1 Executive Leadership Coaching service frequently adopt other Six Disciplines services to address related challenges in their businesses.


  • Clarified thinking
  • Outside perspective
  • New ideas for old problems
  • Accountability


  • Weekly or monthly sessions
  • Coaching fees

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Contact us for a free 1-hour coaching session.  You'll learn more about our coaching services and also more about your organization.  The coaching session is done via a net conference so we can use all mediums in the coaching session. 

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