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We provide a variety of services to assist you in your leadership responsibilities.  As you well know, the responsibilities of a leader are great and ever increasing.  Here's a list of leadership services we provide.  If you have a need that doesn't fit one of these, contact us and we'll discuss a custom solution to meet your needs.


In preparation for taking action, an effective starting point for any team is to get agreement on the organizations internal Strengths and Weaknesses, as well as external Opportunities and Threats.

The Six Disciplines SWOT Analysis services use an innovative approach for engaging your team and getting them to a shared understanding.  Our clients have consistently found this service to be much more effective and productive than simple brainstorming exercises. We engage every participant in a structured way that draws out individual perspectives, and helps your group learn from each other.

While the Six Disciplines SWOT Analysis service is very effective for senior leadership in crafting corporate strategy, it's also extremely useful for divisions, functional departments, and project teams in their planning processes. 


  • Prioritized list of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats


  • 2-4 hour session
  • Coaching fees  

Succession Planning

Faced with transitioning your business to other family members, or to another interested investor? For family-owned businesses, the transition horizon may be 5-10 years. For others, the transition is fairly rapid (1-2 years). 

Successful businesses frequently approach Six Disciplines business coaches to help them with Succession Planning.

The Six Disciplines Success Planning service starts by getting all the key stakeholders in a room to agree on a long-term vision for the company that reflects the shared goals of the group. This can be difficult in a family-owned business: Junior’s vision is to grow the business as fast as possible; Mom and Dad's goal is take substantial cash out of the business for retirement purpose.  Obviously, getting the needs of the stakeholders on the table and building a practical, shared plan that addresses these needs requires a mutually agreed-upon decision to be made.  

Six Disciplines business coaches overcome these challenges by viewing them as part of the Strategic Planning process.  A key part of this is learning how to listen to each other and begin working together toward shared goals, instead of pulling in opposite directions.

After using the Succession Planning service, many clients conduct a Strategic Planning and SWOT Analysis, to prioritize their learning and build team focus on improvement.


  • Open communication
  • Shared 10-year vision
  • Strategic plan
  • First-year operating plan
  • Change initiatives
  • Successful hand-off  and transition


  • 3 days per participant
  • 6-8 weeks elapsed time
  • Coaching fees
  • Program enrollment

360 Performance Reviews

When it comes to assessing our own performance, the hardest thing to be objective about - is ourselves.  The Six Disciplines 360 Performance Review package is designed to provide each participant feedback from those who observe that person's work the most clearly.

The Six Disciplines 360 Performance Review service begins by educating participants on the purpose and benefits of 360 feedback. The feedback offered in a 360 Performance Review needs to be candid, specific, and constructive.  We coach each participant to work with their manager to identify the most appropriate people who have a stake in their success: their boss, direct reports, and internal or external customers/suppliers.

Our 360 Feedback Survey Reports compile the feedback in an anonymous format, helping you to compare your own ratings with your peers, manager, direct reports, and customers/suppliers. The greatest value received and learning takes place where your view differs the most from your reviewers.

All survey feedback information is maintained in a confidential database so you can compare your results in subsequent years, when you choose to establish an on-going 360 Performance Review program.


  • Trained participants
  • 360 survey instrument
  • An individual 360 feedback survey report for participant
  • Dialogue with team leaders


  • 2-3 hours per participant
  • Coaching fees
  • Program enrollment

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