Annual Plan Facilitation

Does the thought of conducting your next annual strategic planning retreat make your eyes glaze over? Tired of planning sessions that do nothing but produce 3-ring binders full of "great ideas", collecting dust on a shelf for the rest of the year?

The Six Disciplines Strategic Planning service is designed to get your leadership team on the same page about where they want to go, and how to get there. The service begins with a benchmark survey of what your customers and team members have to say. A management review of competitive trends and other external factors is also completed. This review is distilled into a prioritized list of strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats (SWOT).

From this point, we work with your leadership team to focus on defining your mission, shared values, and a very crisp vision statement. The group is challenged to develop a strategic position that differentiates your business from your competitors. This strategic position provides the blueprint around which plans are aligned. Next, a list of vital few objectives is developed to guide planning. With these clear objectives in mind, your leadership team is challenged to agree on what to stop doing, in order to free up more resources, so you can allocate them to higher priority goals.

The strategic planning process then moves into operating plans for the upcoming year. We work with you to define the key change initiatives required to move your company toward its vision over the next year. Initiative outcomes are clearly defined along with the responsibilities for meeting those outcomes.

The end result of the Six Disciplines Strategic Planning service is that your leadership team will be enthused about having a clear strategic roadmap, and they'll be committed to the upcoming year's priorities.


  • Leadership team on same page
  • Customer survey results
  • Team survey results
  • External trends analysis
  • Prioritized SWOT statement
  • Updated mission, values
  • 10-year vision statement
  • Strategic position statement
  • Vital few objectives
  • Change initiative definitions
  • 3 days per participant
  • 4-6 weeks elapsed time
  • Coaching fees

Take Our 5k Challenge

Get your business in peak performance shape with our 5k challenge.


1. Survey reports detailing what your customers and employees are thinking
2. Benchmarking of company performance against industry performance
3. Alignment of your leadership team on mission, vision, values and Strategy
4. Alignment of your operational plans with your vision and strategic plan
5. Score cards to measure performance all key strategic and operational goals


  • Survey your customers
  • Survey your employees
  • Survey your vendors
  • DISC behavior profile for each member of your leadership team
  • Benchmark your business: financially, industry and competition
  • Complete annual planning process using the Six Disciplines Methodology
  • Develop corporate score card to measure key strategic and operational imperatives
  • Develop operational plans and score cards for each functional area of the organization
  • 4 weeks elapsed time
  • 3 days investment of leadership team
  • 2 days investment of operational leaders
  • 5k Challenge: 5 days of your time, 5 key benefits, $5k investment  (normal fee is $7500)

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