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One of the largest gaps in organizational performance is the gap between senior leadership planning and front-line workers activities.  Although it's common sense that the activities of the organization should be aligned and reflective of the strategic priorities of the organization, reality often refutes this common sense.  As Stephen Covey stated, "common sense is not common practice".

Symptoms of the planning-doing gap:

  1. Low performance against goals
  2. Unpredictable growth
  3. Low employee satisfaction
  4. Low customer satisfaction
  5. High variable costs

The solution to this gap is connecting daily activities to team and organization priorities.  This connection is what the Six Disciplines software does.  It's an add-in to Microsoft Outlook, which means there is no new system to learn or application to log into.  When you are in Outlook you have access to the business plans just as easily as you have access to your email, calendar and contacts.  The Six Disciplines software integrates with Outlook to allow connecting emails with goals, associating calendar activities with goals, connecting tasks and goals and using the goal as the central repository for all documents (email items or files) associated with the goal.

Six Disciplines software makes it easier for everyone in your organization to craft strategy, build solid plans, organize resources, align activities, measure results, streamline communications - and execute more effectively. Improve your performance by closing the gap between activities and goals.  Get started with the Six Disciplines software and see your organization, team and individual performance increase.

Additional Information

Still have questions?  Download the software datasheet to learn more about the software, requirements, features and benefits.

Six Disciplines Software Datasheet Six Disciplines Software Datasheet (718 KB)

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Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed and immediate decision.  Our monthly subscription model allows you to use the software for as long as you like.  Most of our clients use the software as part of their daily operations but we don't lock you into long term contracts.  Our standard pricing is:

  • $250 Monthly Hosting Fee (per organization)
  • $25 Monthly User Fee (per user)

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