Customer and Employee Surveying

Some of your competitors will wait for all of the economic indicators to align before they launch new innovations and pursue new markets - which is exactly why you need to move NOW. A great way to move your organization forward is to increase your focus on the needs of customers and employees. The Customer and Employee Surveying service begins by establishing an on-going measurement program to determine your organization's level of customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty. Organizational transformation is much more effective with this clarity of focus, and metrics can even be linked to the performance of teams or individuals, guiding their day-to-day activities and priorities.

The types of questions used to diagnose a problem are much different than those used to establish long-running benchmarks. We use standard, best-practice surveys, yet can also create one-time survey instruments to help you diagnose and quickly solve an urgent problem. In both cases, the surveys are primarily administered using email or can be provided in print format.  The results are stored in your own private database for future analysis.

After using the Customer and Employee Surveying service, many clients conduct a SWOT Analysis, using the survey results to prioritize their learning and build team focus on improvement.


  • Loyalty and satisfaction report for customers or employees, or both
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Statistical report identifying hot spots
  • List of customer comments
  • Database of responses
  • 1-2 hours of your time to review and finalize survey
  • 1-2 weeks elapsed time
  • $1500 per survey for standard reporting package

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