Total Performance Excellence

Multiple research studies have proven that getting effective, consistent results and continual improvement is matter of choosing a performance excellence program - and sticking with it.

The best way to ensure that a performance excellence program will work is to get everyone on it - from the start. For example, think how unproductive would it be if only 1/4 of your employees were using email?

If you're already using Outlook, the decision to use Six Disciplines is that much easier. It may seem counter-intuitive, but by having everyone in your organization on the same program, you'll actually reduce risk, get everyone on the same page, and experience more effective results sooner.

We know from experience the best way is to start is from the bottoms-up, having just one of your teams start by using Six Disciplines. You'll experience how quickly they'll engage the rest of your organization! 

Once you and your teams have experienced using Six Disciplines, you'll wonder how you ever worked - without it.

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